Now That’s A Showcase: Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, And Daniel Jacobs All End Their Nights Early In Impressive Fashion

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Now that’s a Showcase: Danny Garcia, Lamont Peterson, and Daniel Jacobs all end the nights early in impressive fashion with intentions of devastation in Brooklyn. At the Barclay Center which has become a hot bed for big fights with a great crowd this card had no shortage of excitement. Big punches and bad intentions were parading in front of the New York City nightlight.

In the opener for the WBA Middleweight title Daniel Jacobs (28-1-25 kos) came out in the first round and pounced on Jarrod Fletcher (18-2-10 kos) from Australia early clipping Fletcher in the first round. Fletcher though would get up and regain his balance and focus for a while until the fifth where Jacobs unleashed fury again stopping Fletcher for good.

Jacobs was really sitting down on his punches with precision and power. It was a thoroughly inspiring performance for Jacobs the cancer survivor from Brownsville Brooklyn and crowd favorite. Jacobs came out and almost finished the fight in the first round, but Fletcher did stand in and fight going out on his shield. Jacobs threw some crisp punches wobbling Fletcher on numerous occasions giving him puppet legs. A monumental fight with Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin would be a great scrap in the near future at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Also, Lamont Peterson (33-2-1 17 kos) broke down Edgar Santana (29-5 20 kos) defending his IBF Jr. Welterweight title having referee Peter Santiago halting the match up in the tenth. Peterson exhibited some tools showing angles and a mixed body and upstairs attack. Santana was tough, but he took a lot of shots causing the fight to be stopped and rightfully so. Next up for Peterson will be this man.

Danny Garcia (29-0 17 kos) who was back to full effect, and in the closing bout he put Rob Salka’s (19-4 3 kos) head on a guillotine and decapitated it. This is the Danny Garcia that had everybody had like “wow!” He came out and set traps with devastating combinations. He looked focused and relaxed, and he threw that right hand to the body left hook upstairs two piece combo that wiped Salka’s chin with a napkin.

There are not too many 140lbs Jr. Welterweights that would have been able to take that left hook of Garcia’s dead on the chin. That left hook was well placed right on the top of Salka’s shoulder. Danny Garcia made it “Swift” living up to his nickname and a tussle with Lamont Peterson should soon be on the horizon.

All three guys may have been on another level from the competition, but they all performed well giving the crowd what they wanted to see.

The Rangers Ticket – The Gate Pass To The Rangers Ballpark In Arlington

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Baseball is one of the games people enjoy watching. The excitement one experience watching a player hit a home run is incomparable. The Texas Rangers is one of the many teams in the National Baseball League. People form queues in the ticket booths to get their own Rangers tickets.

The Rangers has a very rich background. The team started as as the Washington Senators. The original Senators moved to Minnesota in 1960 taking with them everything except the name Washington Senators, for they changes their name to Twins. The Senators that were left struggled to gain a footing after losing most of its players.

In 1971, the decision to move the team to Arlington Texas was finalized. In 1972, the then Senators changed their name to the Texas Rangers. The move to Taxes didn’t go without opposition. The last game of the team as the Washington Senators ended up being forfeited due to the behavior of fans. But having a new stadium and a new fan base, the Rangers ticket sale was not undaunted.

The conditions is Texas is very different from the one in Washington. There were days when the temperature soars up to the hundreds. The Arlington Stadium that time was dubbed as the hottest stadium in the whole league. This was another obstacle the team managed to overcome.

The management decided that the games should be held at night to increase the Rangers ticket sale and improve the attendance to the games. This was done to spare the players and the fans from the scorching heat of summer. This is something that is being observed until today. The games are held at night in the months of May to September. Rangers Tickets for these games are much sought after.

The Rangers have proved that they are tough contenders in the League. They have won a couple of championships. The latest were the 1998 and 1999 championship.

The team transferred to a new arena, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. This is a new stadium that is publicly funded. The state of the art features of the stadium adds to the excitement of the games. It also caters to the needs of the fans. The team has continued their efforts to improve their game play so that they would be able to provide their adopting fans another championship win.

Ambridge Knights “Brownlow” Medal Award 2018

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An unbelievable year for the Cambridge Knights that saw the reigning Premiers relegated from the Premier League. A feat that has never occurred in the history of Premier League to my knowledge.

The Club had lost skipper Jon Sharp for the whole season which was unfortunate but that alone could not be the reason for their sudden demise as a power in the PL competition. The Club also had a new synthetic surface installed which had taken some time for the players to adjust to, and may have played a part.

There was some hope for the Knights to avoid demotion, late in the season the Club was dreadfully unlucky in two games (both away games) that were lost on the last or second last bowl of those games, no doubt they were heart breaking losses, win them both and Cambridge might have survived relegation

With the Knights now relegated to One White division for next season, we must say how pleasing it is to see the loyalty of the players coming to the fore, to stick by the Club and take responsibility for the demotion and attempt to win back the place they lost in the PL.

Chris Lander

Chris Lander had a season similar to last season for the Knights won the “Brownlow” back to back,. He increased his vote winning tally which is up from last season’s 365

Wins this season were up 9/7/1 +5, last season was 8/6/3 + 5, overall very similar.

Chris, a very skilled and dedicated player, was selected to play in the State squad this season, but had to withdraw due to injury, he was one to shine with an outstanding display in the State Side V the Zusman 12 playing as a second, such is his abilty he can play any position with aplomb.

It has been a tough year for Cambridge, but with players such as Chris Lander who has been the Club Captain for the last two seasons, and is determined that the Cambridge Knights will become a force once more.

Pieter Harris

Pieter Harris had an enormous season with 12/5/1 + 42 which is outstanding in a season that the Club was demoted.
Quite clearly he with the help of his rink did all they could to keep the side from being demoted

Pieter also had a lift in the voting which emphasizes the season he produced, Last season he finished 3rd with 344 votes.

He is another highly skilled player who has been very loyal and will stay at Cambridge and help win a promotion back to the PL.

3rd Luke Richardson 345

Luke Richardson won the State Singles this season and with that win came selection in the State side to play in Bendigo next week
This year playing 3rd or skip, has been a topsey turvey season pennant wise for Luke in comparison to last season, Last season he played the huge majority of his games as a 3rd
Wins as a skip were below the 50% mark, but he himself held similar form polling one more vote than last season .
No doubt this season will always be one to remember for Luke Richardson.

4th Ross Bolton 342

Ross Bolton, who is recognized as one of the better leaders in the Premier League has done well to finish in 4th position. Ross played under a variety of skippers thru the season and often in changing rinks

That never deterred him from playing consistently well and to poll the amount of votes he has from such a variety of players, is confirmation of his performance this season.